About Sam and Dayle


Have you wondered if there’s MORE to life?
Do you have something burning inside of you and belief you’re meant for bigger things?


This is Sam here, thanks for joining our blog. I wanted to share a little more about us and our story. I was diagnosed with brain cancer as kid and liver cancer as a teenager. I BEAT them both.  Don’t get me wrong, the fight was NOT EASY. In my journey I discovered the power of using exercise and meditation to heal the body. I wanted to heal the world so I became a Doctor in Physical Therapy. Soon I realized that it was going to be tough to heal the world by myself.  So I started teaching advance medical skills to thousands of medical professionals across the country.

My motto as a doctor “Listen with empathy”

My wife, Dayle found her calling in nutrition when her mom was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer.  Dayle’s  knowledge of food helped her mom fight and BEAT her cancer. Dayle saw food’s powerful healing potential.  As a result, she became a Registered Dietician and wanted to help others live a nutritious and balanced lifestyle.  So she started her own independent nutrition consultant company.  Our paths crossed in Alabama, which is weird, because I’m from Massachusetts and Dayle is from New Jersey. I think it’s called serendipity. We fell in love immediately and recently got married in 2016! As we plan for the future and grow our family, we didn’t want to leave our dream of helping others behind.

Our journey begins towards creating a legacy of success and freedom to pass down to our family and friends…

Things began to change in 2011, when we read:


 After reading, we saw what was possible and we wanted to pursue freedom. We started to think very differently about being an Employee vs an Entrepreneur! Despite our medical expertise, we were taught to be employees rather than Business Owners! We didn’t want to be slaves to our paychecks anymore. We knew the difference between absolute and relative pay. (Our Executive Library).

We ran into two close college friends at a wedding who exposed us to Network Marketing and they started to tell us about the all the money they were making and how they would help us if we got started. They invited us to a 3-way call and started sharing their stories as struggling young moms/school teachers who had desires to grow a family, and live off of all the extra money they were making, which was about $100,00/year in 2 years!

No lie. We were FIRED UP at the time. We thought, if school teachers are making that kind of money and we were slaving away at our JOB 12-14 hours a day and we’ve been working for 8 years doing the same thing making 1/2 of that…we’re in! We filled out the application online while we were on the call with them.

So like most people who catch the Network Marketing bug, we thought things were going to be simple. We got this and we’re going be millionaires… fast! Not quite.

We soon realized that Network Marketing was not a hobby, it was a business. We had to treat it like our business if we wanted to be like business owners, but the difference between our Business and our JOBS was the fact that we could realize our dreams in 5 years rather than 40. I liked the 5 year plan better and I knew I was going to build something BIG.


I am always hungry to learn and look for ways to build our Home Business ONLINE and we found some Entrepreneurs that actually had found ways to attract buyers and reps through the Internet…..Exactly what we wanted to do!

To be honest, learning the Internet side of marketing your Business is not easy but it was worth it. We didn’t want to lose sight of the people that we went into service for. So we wanted to share free knowledge that helped us along the way.

Sam and Dayle: we are excited to share our knowledge of health and wellness. We want help people achieve a life of freedom, not priorities. Let’s live happy, healthy, and wealthy! Cheers!